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Since this whole winter riding thing is new to me, I would like to ask the opinions of the more knowledgable people on this forum. What are some good winter riding tips for a noob like me? I had a blast when I went out, but I am sure there are things I could be doing easier and/or better. Thank you!:madman:


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From the riding you have done in the snow your right on track cause the most important thing is to "RIDE", and your already doing that... :thumbsup:

Dress warm in many layers and shed if you get too hot.

Heat packs work great in gloves and shoes

Prep you bike for freezing cold. Derailers and brakes don't work well if there frozen, your local bike shop can prep your cables, and derailers.

Avoid water when you ride such as creek crossing that will instantly freeze to metal parts, and toes.

Drop tire pressures a bit

Hydration is important even in winter, water bottles freeze use a hydropack of keep bottle under your jacket.

Ride easier trails till you get the feel for it

With fresh snow you don't need studded tires, but as snow freezes and remelts it will form hidden ice in pockets and studs are a good idea.

Doing XC skiing, snowshoeing, or just hiking in the colder stuff will help you understand being out in the cold and help with mt biking.

Don't ride alone

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