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On Sunday, eight of us headed to Henry Coe State Park, just east of Gilroy, CA, to take advantage of the great weather and non-muddy trails and do some exploring. Henry Coe is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, CA state parks, with plenty of room to get lost. I've been riding there for years and have not yet explored all the trails.

It was an amazing day, especially for mid-December. A bit chilly at dawn, but it quickly warmed up. Coe is plenty steep - we only rode about 33 miles in the 9+ hours we were out there, but it still kicked everyone's butt. Nothing like spending nearly every daylight minute in the company of good friends, surrounded by the beauty of nature. The pictures and memories help me retain my sanity during the week as I sit in my corporate sensory deprivation chamber typing on my computer all day.

Pictures and some ride description are here:

Related adventure of a coffee cup is here:

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