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Winter Riding? Shop Rides?

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I'm going to be in Asheville over New Year's for a wedding. What are trail conditions like during this time of year? Are there any that aren't rideable? I'm especially interested in laurel mountain, black mountain, and trace ridge.

Also I got kind of freaked out by a thread where a guy died riding solo at bent creek. So I'm hoping there some shop rides or interested souls that will be riding. I like it rough but I have a sensitive xc side too.
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What trails are open totally depends on totally on the weather. Last year on the day after New Years I had a group ride with about 10 guys and gals to do Heartbreak Ridge and Kitsuma. We had sunny skys and temps in the low 60's on one of the highest elevation trails around the area with dry conditions. Same time of year though there could be 8-10 inch of snow on top of Heartbreak Ridge and 1-6 inch on lower trails. Great thing is our weather is so varied, there could be snow in any of the Pisgah District and most of the more popular areas will be ridable within a few days.
Group Rides:
Bike Ways out of Hendersonville does a Tuesday night ride at 7pm usually at Dupont State Forest
Sycamore Cycles out of Pisgah Forest has a Tuesday Night ride at 5:30 in Pisgah
Carolina Fatz out of W Asheville has a Monday and Thursday night ride at Bent Creek. Meet 6pm at the shop.
Biowheels usually meets at the Rice Pinnacle parking area of Bent Creek at 6pm on Thursday nights.
I may of missed a few so ask around when in town.

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For what it's worth, the solo rider reportedly had a heart attack, not a catastropic trail incident. Note (CLEARLY) that this does not lessen the tragedy of the event or the importance of riding in groups when possible...

Also for what it's worth, the Thursday night BW ride has evolved into something of a very fast pace ride. Hopefully, the billing will change so that is clear to any "walk-on's."

Watch this board for potential discussions of epic New Year's Day riding- it's a local tradition.

Peace, Mike
Dude, your screen name is vasdeferens?


for the record, the bent creek death was a heart attack and had nothing to do with the trail system per se.
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