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I'm looking at building up my first long-travel FR bike in many years over the winter (yes I realize it's only mid-august), and am pretty much focused on the Astrix Huckster. So, I am just here to ask one of those ever-annoying bike-buying questions. In this price range ($1499 USD), is there anything I'm missing in terms of other bike frames)? I have actually pondered this over for far too long, but there's always the possibility that I have tunnel vision at this point. The things I really like about the frame is the suspension design (good pedalling), testemonials by guys like Shuntavi, the customer service (same day responses by ryan carroll is pretty awesome!), the ability to run 26" wheels with 8" of travel w/a front der, etc (I could go on, all in all, seems very well designed and built).

So, I know there aren't many Huckster owners out there, but are there any problems I haven't heard of? I actually just thought about possibility of the wheel hitting the frame with the increased travel (ie: Banshee Scream thread). I have some big plans for this bike, but really don't want any 'suprises', if you know what I mean.

Thanks a lot for the input!
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