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Riding in Sedona can be legendary.

Too bad you couldn't have ridden Damifino. The first trail you rode is very aerobic and challenging where Damifino is somewhat aerobic, very challenging, at times scary and very scenic.

It like National could be one of the best trails in the US to ride if your skill level is high enough to enjoy it. KB would have been the icing on the cake.

Thanks for the write up, I only wish you had ridden Damifino I would have loved to have heard your comments on that epic. It is my favorite ride in Sedona.

Do you ever ride in Moab during the spring or fall? I would like to show you a ride that will blow your mind, if you really liked the first trail in Sedona.

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Glad you guys had a good visit.

Next time you'll need to spend more time in Phoenix. So many awesome trails...SoMo alone has some wicked fun stuff. But that is only part of the fun. Then there is the Mesquite/Willow/Ford/Goat Camp hiking trails in the WhiteTanks, Hawes, Pass Mtn, DreamyDraw/T100, McDowell Sonoran Preserve trails, etc etc...

Nice to see you hit the upper loop of the BCT. Still new but getting burned in alot better now. By next time you visit, the portion tying in from Black Canyon City TH should be completed or near completed enough to tie it in.

Flag/Prescott/Sedona of course has miles and miles of great stuff! Summer riding rocks up in those areas. Arizona in general has some really good mtn bike so just come back and enjoy! :thumbsup:
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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