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Winter bike.. Kona unit? πŸ€”πŸš΅*β™€πŸš΄*β™‚πŸš΄*β™‚

So after taking my remedy 8 through winter last year I think I should have taken some advise and had a winter bike!

This year I've kept my eye on eBay for something retro but don't think the Geo will suit me or my local trails (opinions welcome) ideally steel hardtail or rigid.

So if it was a money no problem kind of buy I'd go new BTR, Cotic, Stanton or even Santa Cruz chameleon but I also want a bike I don't have to care of as much so that lead me to the kona unit. With the current unit being fine I cannot find one online being in any other size than small which wouldn't suit me at 6 foot.

Any owners or info of something else would be appreciated.

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