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So I bought a 2007 Trek Session 77 over the summer and the geometry wasn't working for me. So I decided I needed something new and shiny...............

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Bicycle part Bicycle chain Bicycle drivetrain part Crankset Bicycle accessory

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Finally got bars and grips today. Soooo stoked! In the past I rushed with building bikes, but I took my time on this one and didn't short-change myself. The result: a sweet ride I'm super stoked on, without any parts I don't really want to have. Full build:

2010 Jamis Bam w/ DHX-5
2009 Totem coil, medium spring
2010 SAINT hubs laced to Mavic 729s
2011 Avid CODE R 203 f/r
2010 X-9 medium cage, X-7 shifter, 11-31 cassette, PG 971 chain
Hussafelt Cranks
Azonic 420 flats
Blackspire guide & bash
Syncros seatpost
WTB Pure-V saddle
Truvativ Holzfeller stem 50mm
RaceFace Atlas FR bars, 780mm, 1/2 inch rise
RaceFace Strafe grips
Kenda Nevegal tires, 2.35 rear, 2.5 front.

Took it out just to play around on campus today. Mostly XC trails here, and everything is still sloppy and nasty. I will probably throw the "firm" coil into the Totem, and pick up a 500 or 550# x 3.25 coil for the rear. WAHOO!!!

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Nice build man.

Are you the original owner of the frame? I only ask because I've seen a few of these frames crack and usually companies will only work with you if you're the original owner and didn't purchase it second hand.

Also, if you find your rear tire hitting the seat/seat tube at full travel, it's not just your frame. Most of the Bam's will do it. If this happens, just try cranking up the HSC. That should help.

Best of luck and ride the hell out of it!

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I guess I forgot that the PinkBike-isms are starting to take hold on here....I'm just curious to know why all the hate. I'm not getting defensive, there are just some comments I might expect out of a 12-year-old.

Yes, I am well aware of Jamis' chainstay problem. I took that into full consideration when looking at frames. This bike is brand new. The first time it was ridden was yesterday when I finally got the bars on. No Mr. Troll with only 1 post, it is most certainly not broken.

Yes, I am well aware that this is not a Canfield or Carbon V-10 or anything crazy like that. However I am a college student who is paying for his own education, so funding is pretty tight. This build is a result of months of careful spending and constantly watching the classifieds and online stores to snap up a smoking deal.


That Intense looks purdy! Wahoo!


Thanks for the tip. I actually first rode the Bam when my friends and I rented at Diablo last spring. I experienced the saddle buzz a couple times, and was able to lift the seatpost a bit and slide the saddle forward on the rails to fix the problem.

I bought this frame new off a kid who got it as a replacement for his broken one. He has rich parents who want the best for their dear boy, so he was getting a new Yeti 303 for Christmas and was therefore selling this. If it breaks I probably won't be able to get it warranted, but I figured it was worth the risk considering the deal I got.
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