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Windsor Cliff frame cracks....figures

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Got one of these Cliff29er from BikesDirect....yea yea I know. But for the price, could not have bought the components.
Anyway, set this bike up as an urban/go anywhere ride. I had not even taken it out to the
local trails(SugarBottom) yet.
So, after 5 months of ownership I started hearing those all so annoying creaks.:confused: Changed the saddle, creaking. Changed the post and clamp, creaking. Repacked the BB and pedal bearings with Phil Wood, still creaking. Repacked the headset bearings, ahww creaking. Thread locked and torqued to spec every bolt on the d*mn bike, creaking.:madman:
Finally one day I went to wipe it down and noticed the crack, at least the only one I can see.

Now BD wants me to ship the entire bike back so they can inspect it, and if no "foul play"
is found they will change over the parts and send it back. Great, I pay for shipping and take
the chance they try to blame me/not honor a warranty. So, I contacted Windsor about the
"no fault" warranty they have on the frames. This is when you send in the stripped frame and they sell you a new one for below whole sale cost. But even Windsor is putting hurdles in my way. I have to have a copy of this and proof of that. That is IF they have one of my frame in stock. :confused: So, again I pay for shipping and more. And I still after 5 emails can not get a straight answer about the cost of the frame!!!!:madmax:

Going to purchase a better frame and switch over parts. Send in the Windsor frame, depending on the total cost. And sell the Windsor when I get it, $50. Or make a wind chime out of the frame, some old chain and cassette rings and a couple of stretched Shimano chains..:idea:

Wanted to vent, and warn people about all of this BS.
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