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I saw this bike in MBA a couple of years ago. The fork slides both up and down, with the sliders hollow and able to move a couple of inches in either direction on the stanchion. The rear was just super horst link.

They rode it around and said it was "interesting" with the quotes. Seems the guy that designed it took the fork idea from motorcycles.

Looks like the answer to a question that nobody asked.

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This bike was at Interbike a few years back. He also showed a hard tail.

I saw the bike up close and spoke with the designer. He used to work at BMW in the motorcycle division. The technology in the bike was derrived from some projects he worked on while there.

Notice the twin sections of sliders on top and on the bottom of the fork? He claimed that each slider section could be fine tuned for different trail obstacles, say, bigger hits and small bump compliance.

Definitely a weird rig. I wonder if he ever actually sold any examples of these?

EDIT: Sorry, I see Rockcrusher already covered some of my points.
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