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Wilson River Trail - revisited

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Yesterday I headed out to Tillamook to take the Wilson River Trail 'east' segment as far as it goes. I've only ridden this trail about 5.5 miles in previously. What I found out is that it continues all the way to Diamond Mill parking/motor bike area (see pic with wooden arch bridge). The distance from the Elk Creek TH to Diamond Mill is about 9 miles. After a strenuous 1000 ft. climb from miles 4 to 6, you'll drop this same 1000 ft. for the last 3 miles, an amazing smooth flowing downhill.

There is another trail head marker at the south end of the gravel Diamond Mill parking area, but it was a little difficult to follow this very last segment. I think this continues to the Smith Homestead parking area. Either way though, you could just take Jones Creek Rd. south thereby connecting the two Wilson River segments. Sorry if this is old news, I did not know if this could be ridden as one continuous trail, but it definitely can. So you'd have: 9 miles for the east segment, ~1 mile on Jones Creek Rd., and about 6.5 miles on the west segment for a total of 16.5 miles.

The west section is a little sketchy to start off and it continues much further past the shown limits on the Tillamook SF map. Sadly this trail literally ends at mile 6.5, so you'll have to turn around at that point and at least head back to Cedar Butte Rd. With easy access off Rt. 6, this would make a great shuttle ride.



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It does go through

I've ridden the section from the Smith Homestead to Diamond Mill, though I didn't go all the way into the motorcycle area (as I was running out of time). There's a climb south of the motorcycle area that goes over Diamond Mill mountain, but it's not as bad as some of the other climbs farther east on WRT.

It sounds like you took the trail all the way until its terminus on the west end. I've tried to do that but run out of time (or energy) each attempt. About how many miles is it from the visitor's center to the end of the trail (in time or in distance)?

This is supposed to go all the way to the coast some day ... that'd be cool!
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