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Willits Brand Passion

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No I didn't get a bike.

I have an Ibis SS that has a creaking headset. Even though this bike was made after Wes left Ibis, he still took time to help me with it. I left the Willits bike factory with several remedies, and Wes took the time to check and re-align my frame.

Always the salesman Wes encouraged me to try one of his 29ers with a prototype fork. Very nice. When I decide to add a 29er to my flock, I know where I will go.

Jared and Wes know true Passion, thanks guys.
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Good! Glad they can still hook people up with repairs even with the schedule of building new bikes.
yup, but...

the Inbred said:
so that's how you saw my frame, huh?
made you dig deep though.
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