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Will we see the BBoxx for 2010?

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My mind is racing re if we will see the commercial release of the BBoxx....

Anyone have any bully on this?


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Looks sweet.If its anodized orange,they have just sold one.
Well, we need Fo or DavidCopperfield to put pressure on Nicolai and we'll have BBoxx
on the market before Easter. :D :D :D
I hope so. I have held off a schmidt for this.
I too am looking forward to this coming to market..

Ojos A - You are correct on that one, those 2 would stir up some noise and possibly get things delivered ;) However, not with Nicolai, will be in there time, which is not quick enough... LOL
i too have kept well away from the Scmidt due to the weight / cost and reliability issues.
however, i doubt BBox will be much lighter, and that spline design doesn't look too long lasting to me. it looks too rounded to provide powerful purchase / grip..........?

anyway - gotta dash - we're off skiing / boarding all day :D
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Any more news chaps? Will the launch be this year?
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ba ba ba ba bump.................. Dam nice bump
Just re-read the single track article, and this part below made me think, perhaps not this year and maybe not even the next:(

"Although the B-Boxx (Nicolai's rival to the Hammerschmidt - Ed) is progressing well in trials, we have not found the right investor yet to set it towards production. Everybody is talking about the credit crunch, which has made this task harder. But, I am hopeful we will find the right partner eventually."
Link -

If it doesn't happen soon, I'm afraid they will miss the boat.
wpuk said:
Not to keen on the boots
Not keen on the boots ;).... Well, in New Zealand, we love gumboots, we pop the sheeps back legs in our gumboots so they cant run away.... ;) :D :D :D
Whafe said:
Not keen on the boots ;).... Well, in New Zealand, we love gumboots, we pop the sheeps back legs in our gumboots so they cant run away.... ;) :D :D :D
and you have a propensity for velcro knee warmers :)
I'd love to see the B-boxx appear shortly but I'd be surprised if it's any better than the HS. From my experience the HS performance is pretty much flawless except maybe the slight drag in overdrive which on a bike like the AFR is not an issue.

To be better than the HS the B-Boxx needs to work just as well and be either cheaper or lighter. Ideally both! It's a big ask. The longer it takes to make it to market the greater the chance of an updated HS and quite possibly a similar offering from the big S. In fact I'm surprised shimano have not already stumped up the cash for the B-Boxx(assuming Nicolai would sell them it) which makes me wonder if they've got something of their own in the pipeline
Agree, frankly difficult to see where the B-Boxx will fit in with the HS, and agree that shimano must be thinking about stepping up to the plate. I can't see it being cheap either to be honest (not that the HS is that cheap either). Now that chick in the boots.....
we won't see the bboxx, unless nicolai finds some rumored 300k euros for machines etc.

the exact amount is speculative, but they need a big investor/-ment.
And not the best time with the way in which the global economy is, mind you the media would tell you we are all good, of which is BS.....
Its a shame, but to take on the mighty Sram.....thats not what nicolai's about.

Perhaps they were just getting it out there in an attempt to attract some attention with a view to licensing.
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