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Doesn't make sense

Your Stinky has a 7.825" iei shock and you want to install a 9" iei shock - The iei length of a shock will not change w/ a shorter or longer spring. Provided the suspension linkage can compensate for the additinal 1" you just messed up the bike geometry. You need to re- read the answers on your DH post, even question your own question. Save your money and buy the CORRECT shock stop trying to re-engineer your bike.

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It won't work.

Your shaft is longer and will bottom easily with the shorter spring. That means you will blow the shock. You'll either destroy the internals or compress the shock until the coils are alltogether and will bounce espectacularly...

And as any manual would state "it could lead to serious injury or death"... no to mention it will destroy your bike (at least the shock).

Your geometry will go whack. The headtube will be like 2° steep respect to the vertical..
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