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I have a 06 Jamis Diablo 1.0 and I am looking to replace the fork and keep the original fork as a back up. Right now it has the Manitou Stance Blunt 170mm, I am looking at the '05 Manitou Dorado DH. This fork has great reviews in the review section here so I figure it is solid plus PricePoint has them on sale right now for a very good price.
My question though is in regards to the size. The fork is a Dual Crown and the only size available is the Large. They are saying that "Large" dual crowns accommodate stack heights from 175mm to 200mm.
I can't find any specs on the stack height so I am not sure if the Diablo falls into this catagory. Can anyone help me out.
Also if anyone has anything to say about the fork I am all ears.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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