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Hey guys I need info,

I have an opportunity to pick up an unused 2011 Niner Rip9 frame for a good price. I am currently riding a 2012 Trek Cobia (stock). The Trek is a hard tail and the Niner is full suspension.

Can I (or a qualified person) use what I have on the Trek and put it all or most onto the Niner?

I'm sure you might need more info like what are the existing components so here they are:

Shifters - SRAM X5, 10 speed

Front derailleur - Shimano Deore

Rear derailleur - SRAM X5

Crank - SRAM S800, 44/33/22

Cassette - SRAM PG-1030 11-36, 10 speed

I am definitely willing to buy what is needed but don't really want to go out and drop a bunch immediately.

Any help appreciated.



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I'm not familiar with the details on either of these bikes but no one answered so I'll try to help. From what I can glean from (here) and the Rip9 specs I could locate (here), the following parts will be fine:

Shifters - SRAM X5, 10 speed - Yes
Rear derailleur - SRAM X5 - Yes
Cassette - SRAM PG-1030 - Yes

Front derailleur - Shimano Deore - No: Trek Cobia is a top-pull. Rip9 is a bottom pull.
Chain: you'll probably need a new one because FS bikes need a longer chain.

Crank - SRAM S800, 44/33/22 - probably: If you have a threaded 73mm bottom bracket on your trek, your crank and bb should be reusable. Double check that the 2012 niner rip9 also uses a std 73mm threaded.

Rear wheel: Your existing rear wheel will be a std QR. Niner 2011 Rip 9 appears to be standard QR rear as well. So you should be good here.

Brakes: Niner 2011 is a IS mount rear. I found a pic of a 2012 Cobia here which clearly shows an IS mount rear as well. So you should be fine here.

Fork & Headset: first, you'll definitely at least need a new headset with a conversion lower cup which adapts your 1 1/8 inch fork steerer to a 1.5 mm tapered frame.

Second, you need to make sure you have enough steerer on your current fork.

Measure your current steerer length from fork crown to top. Then estimate your current stem height and headset stack height . Then find the head tube length on the Rip9 and make sure it'll fit.

Seatpost: says yours is 27mm, niner will likely take a 30.9 mm.

Hope that helps.
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