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I bought a Diamondback Bicycles - Wildwood Citi Classic (comfort bike) and the sales rep told me it was good for mostly road use but also lite trail use. After using it on a trail last weekend I realized the fun in trail riding (see trail in video below). So now I'm wondering if my bike can handle weekly trail use.

I don't want to ruin my bike if it's not built to handle the trails. I wouldn't be jumping or getting crazy, but wouldn't mind mild trails.

And unfortunately another bike ( used or new ) isn't in my budget right now.

heres the trail I rode my bike on. sorry for the crappy video quality. actual video not nearly this bad, the youtube transfer was not kind.

0:25 minute mark - hello Mr Jogger
2:01 - bumpy roots
2:42 - bumpy ride from wood buried in trail
4:01 - trying to dodge roots before drop
4:46 - look out, coming through


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What trails were you riding? When I go down there, I bring fully suspended 29ers.
I can't imagine doing Boyette or Alafia on a comfort bike. You probably will wreck the wheels.

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Where are you located, exactly? I'm sure you can find something. I could see a bike like that handling, say, the yellow trails at Santos just fine. It would be okay on some parts of my own home trail (Snowhill, on the east side of Orlando), but struggle in the sections with sugar sand due to the narrow tires, and get beat up on the rooty portions. Like NYrr496 says, there are other trails I wouldn't even take it on because it would just get trashed.

If we know what area you'll be riding, we can give some better advice. I'm sure we can recommend someplace nearby that you can ride.

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Well damn. Be careful man. This is exactly how i got into mt biking. So no 30k later and 13 bikes later it's a full-blown sickness.

Your bike will be fine. Most comfort bikes are over built. Frames are heavier gauge, wheels are thicker and unfortunately heavy, etc. I bet the rims you have are stronger than a stans crest. Besides, **** wears out, breaks, bends, etc. Just give her a little tlc when needed and you'll be fine.

I still take the comfort bike out on trails here and there. Nostalgia for me. Reminds me how I started. Man those were the days.

I will say this: don't hesitate buying a full on mt bike. Lighter faster, more fun! But take your time. You'll reach your limits on the comfort bike and know when it's time to move on.

Until then, enjoy!
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