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Avid BB7 Calipers
Shimano 585 Centerlock hubs with Shimano centerlock (RT-62) rotors

Any reason that wouldn't work? Will I have to play with spacing on the calipers to get it to line up or will this just drop right in and work like a champ? I guess it comes down to lateral and vertical alignment, right? Any incompatibility issues?

I know they make adapters so that centerlock hubs will accept 6-bolt rotors, but I'm wondering if the above setup, using centerlock rotors, will work.

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shimano rotors usually have a thinner braking path than other brands, so you might get uneven pad wear....

a buddy of mine has had luck with the new XT rotors and formula brakes (seems like the new centerlock XTs have a bit wider area than the 6 bolt XTs I run...)
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