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Will it hold up ?

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Hi, I was thinking of trying to get one of those cheap Marzocchi DirtJam COMP forks for my P.1. I'm not looking to spend much because I am saving up for a fully, I can get the Dirtjam comp new for like 100 bucks. its that or either a MZ comp that I have laying around ( I know, they are bolth crappy) I really dont do any hard riding with my P.1 just skatepark in the winter and light DJ in the summer. I save my P.2 for agressive more freeride type riding. I was going to take my Stance Static and put it on my P.2 because I am still running the horrible EXR comp.

now, I can buy the dirtjam comp for cheap, but should I maybe save up like 80 bucks more and get a trashed DJIII or something ? is anybody actually riding the DJam Comp ? remember, I wouldent be riding this fork hard at all, but will it still hold up ? (I know I could get a rigid fork, but I allready have one and I hate no go on rigid)

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I rode one once. seemed pretty good but it was really really plush I dont know if you would want that. if you arent going to go crazy on your bike i think the comp would do okay
yea, it would be mostly skatepark riding
I have a Dirt Jam Comp that came stock on my DJ200. It sucks pretty bad. I'm going to buy another fork as soon as I get the money. It's just too heavy for the poor performance that it delivers.
to whom it concerns, I just found a Zocchi DJIII for $150.00 and it was local, so yea that instead of the DJ comp.
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