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Dont call me out on this
but if I remember this correctly
I read on this forum, that fox springs rub the resivoir on 5ths? (if thats possible) but manitou springs are 100% compatible but theier # is lower (ex 450 manitou = 500 progressive)

just some crap thats not 100% confirmed.... somewhat a useless post...

I think it was TNC that was screwing with manitou springs and 5ths... maybe...

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Huck Banzai said:
I have heard that progressives fit a DHX, so I would presume the inverse is true?!!
Progressives take a little spacer to work right on a Fox.

And to jake, it makes sense that Manitou and Progressive springs are interchangable, since the shocks are the same thing. :D I'm pretty sure Jake's right about Fox springs on a Manitou/ 5th.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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