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Will a 100mm fork work well on my 2000 Stumpy FSR Pro?

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I'm fairly new to the full suspension game having just bought a used year 2000 Stumpjumper FSR Pro. The fork is pretty shot and I've decided on a Reba Race as a replacement. Will going from the stock 80mm fork to the 100mm Reba be a huge difference in geometry for this bike?
Thanks in advance for any advice/thoughts on the matter.
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Go for it. My last hardtail had an 80mm fork on it that I took out to 100mm. Only noticed a very slight difference while climbing (my bars were set low previously, so the slight rise didn't matter) and the bike handled better at higher speeds. It didn't turn into a tank at low speeds, either. You will notice only benefits, esp. on a dually. IMHO.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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