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Will 2010 See a new Intense M(6 EVO)?

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Will 2010 be the year Intense release a new Intense M series frame, as the M series have always been the flagship of the Intense DH range.

Wil lthe M6 EVO be available to the public?
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Lets hope so... Bring back the Big M!!!
maybe we will know something when Jeff will post the new team protos. 951's? Evo's? Maybe something new.....:)
Christiaan said:
Wil lthe M6 EVO be available to the public?
God I hope not because I might have to buy one. And I really don't want to blow more cash on mountain biking.

But if Intense makes a 2010 M6 Evo in raw works red then I guess I will have to sell a minor organ, rob a bank, or otherwise find the means and a way to buy one.

Don't do it. ....... :nono:

Ok.... do it :thumbsup:
Sea Otter will probaly have some great stuff, I am sure there is something in the works if little birdies are correct.
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