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Wildcard size - help

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I am 5'9" - 180cm',
My LBS have only the Large Wildcard frame, I have the M pyre that feels the right size for me but I can use the L size as well.
I want the Wildcard for DH only with 50 mm' stem and 55 fork,
Its not for racing DH machine, only for "FUN DH" :thumbsup:

Do you think it gonna be OK with the L :confused:

I can buy the M Rune or the 2007 Pyre but I am afraid that its too close to the Pyre
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I'm 1.78 and ride a small wildcard, though I use it for mainly dirt jumping and slopestyle/ bikepark usage. Not allot of downhill. Also every summer for alp tour's like the PPDS or similair, but that's more like enduro/ freeride. Sometimes I whish i'd gotten a M but I love a short bike, it still is very stable going down at speed so it doesn't bother me much. I'd recommand a medium for downhill with your height.

55 fork doesn't really belong in a Wildcard TBH. I'd say a 36, lyric, wotan or 66 match it better.
The 55 (ATA) is like the older 66 165-125.
My experience is its better then the Fox or the RS (but that's me ;) )
I'd say no get a medium. Your shop should be able to bring one in for you.
I am 182cm and ride M size wildcard (and also with marz 55 at the front...). I use if for light FR
M should work for you
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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