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Wild 100 update.

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First off, let me thank the people who gave me hydration/eating advice and pointed me towards the e-caps website. For the first time EVER in a long ride I didn't bonk/cramp or fall to pieces.

After all the fears of hurricanes Bonnie and Charley, the weather was absolutely perfect. 65 and sunny during the hot part of the day.

The Wild100 is a race done in Slatyfork WV where they give you a map at the start of the race w/ 5 numbered checkpoints that you have to do in order. You decide the route between the checkpoints (i.e. singletrack is shorter, fire road is faster). This year the route they mapped out turned out to be closer to 80 miles with ~10K feet of climbing. Ouch.

I was really pleased w/ my results. I finished second in the first-timers category (11 minutes behind the winner) in 10:37. I think the fastest times were close to 8 hours.

Thanks again for your help!

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