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I recently needed to replace my drivetrain because of wear, and after changing out the crankrings, chain, and cogset, I've developed a problem. It seems there is some play between the cogset and the drive shell on my rear hub. I have torqued the lockring to the correct setting and while there is no play in the plane perpindicular to travel, the cogset "rattles" in a plane parallel to the direction of motion of the bike, i.e. the cogset rattles in the same direction that the wheel turns. I replaced the latest worn out SRAM casette with an XT, and there used to be a an XTR on there before that. The hubs are ISO Kings. All of the cassettes have been 11/34, 9spd.

I called my LBS and they told me that King hubs are not compatable with 11/34 XTR cassettes This makes NO sense to me as the stack height of the cassettes should be fixed (isn't there a standard for the spacing of 9spd drivetrains???). Can someone speak to the validity of this statement ????

At any rate, the XTR NEVER rattled, the SRAM didn't either (although it had a much tighter tolerance when slipping it onto the driveshell assembly), but this new XT is chattering all over the place whenever I am not hammering against the cassette climbing (especially on rougher trails). There is actually about an 1/16th inch of rotational play in there....noisy as hell, and I'm sure it's not good for the life of the entire drivetrain. The drive shell of the hub is "nicked" from me hammering away over the past few thousand miles......the tight fit of the SRAM cassette may have made this worse, and now that I switched back to Shimano with a looser tolerance, there is no way for me to tighten the sucker on there without replacing the drive shell assembly - whaddya think???

Advice? Diagnosis? suggestions???

Thanks in advance....
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