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Recently purchased a 2010 Fisher Superfly. What have people's experiences been with the widest tires that will fit in the rear? Will a Racing Ralph 2.4 or a Continental Mountain King 2.4 fit? For reference, the tires will be set up tubeless on a 24 mm Stan's 355 rim. I'm 170 lb.'s, so I shouldn't be flexing the wheels too much.
Any problems with the front derailleur rubbing in the granny gear???

Also, will the 2010 Fox FiT RLC fork handle either of those tires without rubbing?

Appreciate any advice. Hoping the tires will work out--love the cush!

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Safe to say the fork will accommodate those tires and then some. As for the rear, Straz has the right approach -- take it to the shop and check it there. What I've found on the rear of most bikes is that skinnier tires play nicely with skinnier rims, and vise versa. Lots of good 2.2s out there now, which I'd think would be plenty out back.
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