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Hi, I was wondering if anyone here knows if there's an issue with running a wide plate E13 guide on a Banshee Wildcard?

I hit the order button a little too quick and didn't realise I might have ordered the wrong item online. I tried asking the store if I could have changed my order before it got shipped, but they told me that the guide had already been shipped out that very morning.

I could return it for the proper guide when it comes, but I'm a little hesitant to pay the cost of shipping the guide back to the store in the UK and wait another 3 weeks, or so, for a new guide to get here. I bought it online mainly because it saved me a bit of cash and I'm running a little low on bike funds.

The guide I ordered was an E13 STS Wide ISCG'05. If it helps, the site lists the guide as being compatible with a 32-40T chainring and I'm running a 36T chainring.

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Hey Juan,
The guide you ordered sounds like it will fit up no problem. The only difference between the WIDE and STANDARD angle versions is the angle of the backplate. Typically the wide angle is designed for bikes with either dropped stays or over 8" of travel...but it won't hurt guide performance if you accidentally got it. I say install it and rip it up!

Also just so you know, our 2009 chainguides are completely different than our current generation goods. We've lightened everything up significantly, made it easier to install, and actually make it stronger as well.

Check it out:

philip @ e*thirteen

p.s. check out this comparison pic:


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