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mvp119 said:
I'm looking for a new flat handlebar. I like wide bars, 24". So far I found the following:

Supergo CF3 Carbon XC Bar
125g (claimed)

FSA K-Force XC Flat Bar
120g (claimed)

Anyone know of any others? I like the low price and length of the supergo bar, but I'm a little worried about the strength.

I got a set of Weyless riser bars, pretty much the same ones as the Supergo bars. They are totally fine. I weigh 195#... prolly more like 200# in battle gear. THey have been flawless, and nice and stiff. No worries here, just keep an eye on them like any other carbon bar. Always inspect after any major crash, and don't gorilla tighten your stem, brake levers or shifters.
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