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Wicked Chickenz Road Trip update <pics>

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You can find more complete writeups at our blog but here's a brief run down.
So, after bruising my rib on our first ride during FTBW I laid off Tuesday while Shay took it easy and joined the Intermediate ride on Snodgrass.

Wednesday we decided to take advantage of a quite opening day of the ski lifts and got in a few hours of practice on the Downhill course.
Thursday we headed out to Hartman Rocks and apparently none of the other riders wanted to hit Hartman 2 days in a row so it was just me, Mohsee, and our guide, Dave. He tailored the ride to our habits and we got to ride lots of great singletrack with some sweet slickrockesque climbs and drops.

Towards the end of the ride my derailer hanger snapped and after I rigged the Tracer up to run single speed I was able to make it a bit further before the chain jumped up a gear in the rear making the chain too tight to pedal.
I hoofed it to the road and waited for Dave to come pick me up in his truck.

Thursday night Shay's friend Julie and her friend Brooke came to join us. Friday Shay had a teleconference call and wasn't able to ride with us so she went and practiced the DH after her call while the rest of us joined up with some others and rode 401.

climbing past emerald lake

Taking a break before entering the singletrack

After a steep singletrack climb you have a bit of mellow climbing through a meadow before reaching the decent

Regrouping before the long decent

and now the fun begins...

as always there are some great views that one should take the time to take in

with how loose the ground was this section definitely warrented waling
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Saturday we headed out with the intention of shuttling ourselves to Doctor's Park. We made it almost there but realized time was not on our side. The trek out took longer than anticipated and there was no way we would make the ride, get back to our cars, and back to town in time for Shay to register for the DH race the next day (still nursing an injury I decided to skip the race).
So we headed back to town and I set up the booth while Shay went up to get registered. Then we hung around for the Bike Rodeo.
Bike limbo,notice the awesome shirt :)

log pull

And the 24 hour clunker crit begins
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Now that's what the passion forum is suppose to be about!!! Thanks,
and finally...

Sunday was to be our last day in the Butte. Shay headed out to get in one last practice run on the DH course while the rest of us headed out to do Teocali Ridge.
After climbing Brush Creek Road for an hour we reached the trail cutoff

another hour of brutal singletrack climbing on very loose ground...

and we finally reached the Teocali Ridge trail.

The picture doesn't convey it but this chute was super sketchy and was more like skiing than riding

the rest of the decent was through a beautiful, lush meadow

After the ride I headed up to pick up Shay, we grabbed some lunch in town and headed to Durango. Now we are at Durango Joe's getting some work done and posting this. We will head out for lunch soon and then either hit Horse Gulch or grab the DH bikes and play at the old Yeti test tracks.
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95Stumpy said:
Now that's what the passion forum is suppose to be about!!! Thanks,
you are most welcome. expect more to come as our journey continues (3 more weeks to go).
Nice pics! Can't wait to see the rest of the trip.
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