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And damn were the bugs a pain. I wouldn't have thought bugs would have been such an issue but the gnats were in full force both around the campsite and on the trail.

Anyway, after Durango we headed to Moab for 3 days of riding.

First on the agenda was a shuttle run up into the La Sals to ride from the Kokopelli down to Porcupine Rim via the LPS connector.
If you find youself in need of a shuttle then give the guys at Porcupine Shuttle a call

We didn't make it too far before we had to stop to take in the scenery

As expected, there are some interesting rock formations to be seen along the way, this one we dubbed "cock rock" for reasons that may or may not be obvious.

Here is the first notable rock garden we came across

And a bit further down is a truly gnarly rock garden called "The Notch"
After several attempts I made it about half way down then called it quits

By the time we reached the cutoff for the road the sun was in full force and we were getting pretty tired so it was a most welcome site (of course it turned out to be another 45 minutes to an hour before we actually reached the road)

After an afternoon dip in the pool we headed over to check out the dirt jump/bmx park.
Planning to cool off in the pool after the session I didn't even bother changing out of my trunks

The next day we headed out to Bartlett Wash which, once you get past the annoying sandy road, is one giant slickrock playground.
Our bodies weary we kept the ride pretty short and didn't really explore too much but the lanscape was incredible.

The 3rd day was a repeat of the Porcupine Rim Shuttle this time with our friend Julie in tow.
Being a weekend definitely makes a difference as the shuttle van was pretty much packed.

Even though she was on a 6 year old lightweight, XC race bike, Julie still seemed to be enjoying herself.

Once again we stopped at "The Notch" for pictures. Seeing the local on an 8" Devincci also having issues with it made me feel a bit better about my failed attempts

On his final attempt he made it all the way to the sharp turn but couldn't quite make the turn.

I decided to give it another go myself but didn't really make it any further than the previous ride

This time I was prepared for the big rock launch that follows a nice steep run in:

Towards the end of the ride we were all getting exhausted and we each managed at least 1 crash. In less than half a mile I managed to crash twice. Both times falling backwards down a steep ledge that I had stalled on trying to get up. The 2nd time I buggered up my left wrist some and it has been pretty sore the last 2 days but X-Rays this morning confirmed nothing is broken.
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