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After saying our goodbyes to the butte we moved on to Durango.
The views on the drive coming in through Ouray were of course spectacular.

Monday morning we woke up ready to go and planned to hit Horse Gulch in the afternooon after getting some work done. Unfortunately about the time we finished lunch rain rolled in so it was back to the coffee shop for more work.
After things cleared up we decided to go check out Dry Fork since it was right around the corner from our camp site. No luck, it was muddy too.
Oh well, there's always tomorrow.
Back at camp we relax by the creek and sip some hot cocoa before bed

The next morning we wake up early and head to Hermosa to catch our shuttle..

hamming it up at the Hermosa Creek trailhead

From here the trail winds down some pretty mellow atv trails for about 6 miles before reaching some sweet singletrack

Unfortunately we spent most of the time trying to outpace a rapidly approaching storm so there wasn't much stopping for photos

The ride finished with some fairly arduous climbs followed by more great downhill runs. We spent a few minutes on a fireroad being hammered by freezing rain but made it back to our vehicle alive so another successful ride.

After munching on the PB&Js stashed in the car along with some beef jerkey and pretzels we headed back to camp to switch out bikes and made our way out to the Durango Mountain Park.

This place has something for everyone and is pretty much right in town.
from short,fast runs

to super flowy with lots of small jumps, berms, etc...

The next day we headed up to Coal Pass to get a sampling of the Engineer Mountain Trail before heading out

The trail picked up across the street and we climbed another 1000' or so through wet, sloppy, slick single track. Being on the Quake, combine with a lot of slick roots meant the climb included a hearty amount of walking.
Like most trails in crested butte there are plenty of places to stop and take in the sights

once again we find ourselves in a race against mother nature

With the storm closing in we didn't stop for any more pictures. We got rained on a bit but luckily I had my rain shell this time and Shay had a few layers. Of course a few minutes after we get back to the road the storm passes by enroute to Durango.
After the ride we make our way to Moab.
You'll have to wait a couple of days for the full report but here's a sneak peak to keep you interested

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Great pics! My fiancee and I leave for our first trip to Durango in 2 weeks for a week of mtn biking and we cannot wait!
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