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Mountain biking can be expensive and crashing can be even more expensive. Bike wraps won't protect you when you tumble through the dirt, but they can protect your pride and joy from dents and scrapes that can ruin your ride. Bike wrap kits are becoming a necessity as riders look to protect their bikes. Here are the top five reasons you should consider protecting your mountain bike before you hit the trail.

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Top 5 reasons to wrap your bike

1. Bike wraps prevent damage

Mountain biking is a rough and tumble sport. Crashing is a matter of if, not when, so it's best to be prepared. Bike wraps provide an extra layer of protection against dents and gouges. It's amazing how much a thin layer of protective film can help shield your frame from impacts by dispersing energy and preventing (or at least minimizing) damage. In some instances, this can be a matter of life and death for your mountain bike frame. It's not just carbon frames that benefit from protection. Aluminum frames aren't immune from trail damage and can benefit from a bike wrap kit as well.

SwitchBack Convertible Tailgate Pad

Bike wraps give you protection against damage both on and off the trail. Bikes frequently suffer damage when transporting them to and from the trailhead. Bike racks are a big source of needless damage. Scrapes caused by brake levers rubbing against top tubes and pedals banging against downtubes can be easily prevented with the right protective kits. In addition to bikes knocking against one another, tailgate pads are sometimes to blame for wear and tear. RideWrap makes a Shuttle Armor kit specifically to protect downtubes from tailgate pad rub.

2. Bike wraps improve resale value

Specialized Frame Protection Kit - Tailored | RideWrap

Wrapping your bike won't just prevent damage, it will also save you money. Bike wraps shield against scratches and paint chips that will make your bike less appealing to potential buyers. The better a bike looks, the more money you can get for it. The cost of a RideWrap kit pays off when it's time to sell your bike.

3. Bike wraps can protect components as well as frames

DVO Fork Protection Kit - Tailored | RideWrap

The same rules that apply to frames also apply to the other components on your mountain bike, especially forks. Good suspension forks are expensive and they're at the leading edge of damage. Protect your fork lowers and crown from costly scrapes by wrapping them as well. You'll be glad you did when you're ready to sell your fork for the latest and greatest.

4. Wrapping your frame is easier than you think

Some riders are turned off from bike wrap kits because of the amount of time and effort involved. This is especially true with tailored protection kits that cover the entire frame.

RideWrap's kits are designed to be DIY friendly with detailed installation instructions. The kits include cleaning wipes and microfiber cloth to wipe down the frame prior to installation, an installation solution to make positioning the protective pieces easy, and a squeegee to ensure no air bubbles get trapped under the wrap. Riders only need to remove the wheels and chain to install a Tailored Protection Kit.

The installation process does take time, but it's not hard. RideWrap offers online tutorials to guide riders through the installation process.

If DIY is not for you, many bike shopes can install the kits for you.

5. There's a bike wrap kit for every budget

It may be hard to justify spending more on a bike wrap when you've already spent a lot of money on your dream bike. Remind yourself that you'll most likely be upgrading in a few seasons and a bike wrap is an investment that pays off when it's time to sell. On top of that, RideWrap offers three levels of protection to suit riders' needs and budgets.

Tailored Protection Kits


Tailored Protection Kits are cut for specific makes, models, and frame sizes. These kits offer complete protection from the head tube to the rear axle and every surface in between. This is the highest level of protection available.

Covered Kits


Looking to save a bit of money but want to make sure you cover all the high-risk areas of your bike? The Covered Frame Protection Kit is your best choice. These kits aren't tailored to individual make and models, but they are designed for specific types of bicycles, including full-suspension mountain bikes, hardtails, e-mountain bikes, and even road and gravel bikes.

Essential Kit


Last but certainly not least is the Essential Frame Protection Kit. As the name suggests, this will protect the highest-risk areas of your frame and protect against chain slap and cable rub.

Why choose RideWrap?

+ Every Kit comes with a 10-year warranty against discoloration and cracking

+ All protection kits include detailed instructions as well as installation tools (microfiber, final cleaning wipes, install solution concentrate, and squeegee)

+ Online tutorials to help you install your protection kits

+ Protection kits designed and tested by mountain bikers for mountain bikers

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