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Why would I buy a wildcard over a stinky?

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Hey excuse the controversial title but I have been pondering this question for a while. They both share similar rear suspension designs with the rear pivot point on the seat stay. Not up on the technical jargon of what this type of suspension is called (faux bar?).

Surely they perform the same? Both will suffer from "brake-jack" which bothers some people and others don't give a toss. So what makes the wildcard better than a stinky? This is a serious question - I am not trolling. I just want to be enlightened.


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Just a few things i can think of

adjustable travel - you can run it either 5" or 6.5 inches of travel. Throw an adjustable fork on it and you pretty much have two different bikes

weight - the banshee is a pretty light bike. not sure what the stinky comes in at but probably not as light/strong as the banshee.

looks - you won't have the same bike as every kid whos parents took them to the local shop to get them a FR bike

company - Banshee is a much more personal company. I have been talking with the designer keith for a while. he always answers my questions within 24 hours.
Stinky and Wildcard are really different bikes. Scythe is much closer to a stinky than wildcard.
banshee uses custom hydro formed to reduce weight. they essentially incorporate the gusset into the tube shape. they also have internally ribbed says to stiffen up the rear end.
norbar said:
Stinky and Wildcard are really different bikes. Scythe is much closer to a stinky than wildcard.
sorta, the scythe is even kinda steep and tall depending on the setup. The stinky is very slack and long, and if you were to set up the wildcard with a 7" fork and the 6.5" travel setting to approximate the travel on the stinky, the stinky is lower by about a half inch too. The wildcard's chainstays are a half inch shorter on the other hand.

basically, they're both gravity rigs, but the stinky is designed to be a bit more of a fast sled (think 7" DH rig,) whereas the wildcard is a bit more of an agile, jumpy bike.

so, it comes down to what you want from the bike, not an arbitrary decision of which is "better".
Hey everyone - thanks for the responses. I think I have a better understanding of the differences between the two bikes.


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