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Why o why as I sat in work today (which is a little filling station in good old Northern Ireland along a straght strech of road with a path on a slight gradient.) A young lad about my age 16-18 goes rolling past on an 04 Kona Stab.

Was more amazed to see such a high end bike in this country, that its only now i think whats a bike like that doing on a paved road.

He was just out for a cycle with his sister or GirlFriend who was on a little rigid raleigh bike. In his jeans and football t shirt.

Just thought i'd share that little image I got today while in work.

Wish i had that kinda money to buy bikes like that. Lucky guy what ever purpose he puts it too.

Maybe he was using it as a babe magnet :D

On another note that now takes place as the most expensive bike i have ever seen in real life. Well in fact that or a Santa Cruz super 8 i saw once. lol i'm a sad lad :)

I'm real Bored so here are the bikes themselves.


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