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Why not a weight loss challenge?

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so..I was thinking...why we don't have a weight loss challenge?... I've seen that some of us sometime lose some and the gain a little (or a lot), why don't we add another challenge?

I think most of us need to lose at least 20 if we are 20 that will give us why not?...400 lbs for 2010...

in a similar format like the 40,000 miles challenge.......if you lose weight you add your lbs but if you gain then you'll have to rest to the total...miles will always sum up..but perhaps this will force us to lose those extra pounds even more!

you guys decide it...
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The weekly weigh in isn't doing it for you?
as I said..."some of us sometime lose some and then gain a little (or a lot) again"... I think that a group challenge will be more...let's say...challenging? hehe...I mean...if I post in the weekly weight that I gain you fell affected somehow?...let me said better...I will fell bad posting some (-) numbers and affect the group performance.
Jan 1 was the beginging of "The Battle Of The Cattle 2010" at work.
3 of my co-workers and myself have $ on who can lose the greatest % of weight.
Some of the other guys have side bets on who will win, what % loss will win, and even the superfecta; winner thru 3rd runner up in exact order.

I am proud to say that I am the reigning champ of the "Great Weight Debate of 2009" which ran August to November, but it only involved me and one other, (who is trying again this time) and he is an emotional eater, so I killed him.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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