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Looking for storys from people that have been conned ( Ever been told of a good track & ened up carrying you bike for 10 miles kind of thing.)

Heres my story.
This is how I got started riding.

My wife works from home on a computor & was putting on a bit of weight,With her having not ever done any sport not even at school,In Januray 2003 She & a friend decided to do a Triathlon they heard about in town 300 meter swim 10 km bike ride & 2 km run (WOW big event ) well for her .

So I saw this as a chance to maybe get fit myself.

I told my wife that I was not keen to do any events but would train along side her for any event that she wanted to do:madman: :madman: I should have worked out that she had got the bug after doing 5 more over the next 7 weeks.

To cut a long story short the 1st weekend in March 04 she was was on the start line in Ironman NZ & finished

She is not fast but boy is she head strong.

So it is fair to say I had no idea what I had got myself into.

Yes what a way to get into a sport nothing like jumping in the deep end.
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