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Last week i broke my rear wheel... I dont know how is say in english, in a few words, i broke the rim because a stone hit them.
So, meanwhile i am looking for a new wheel, i am desinging a new dropouts.
Why? Because my BB height is about 34.5cm (13.6"). Last mounth i drive a bike with 12" and... just love it. 13.6 is too hight. (I have 27.5" wheels and 2.30 tires).
So, in autocad i am designing two new dropouts that will lower the BB height. The axle (thru axle 10mm) will be in the red point. (stolen photo ;) )


Yeah, weird place. I hope it doesnt break.
Tomorrow or monday, i will send to a... Metal carpenter? (Sorry, i still have poor english) for machining the dropouts.
If all goes well, I can send the autocad file if someone asks me about them.
61 - 63 of 63 Posts