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who would win the origami war?

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So this isn't entirely on topic and is a little out there, but...

Just a random question as I sit here tearing apart cardboard for recycling. I've always been impressed with Shimanos origami skill, but I just took apart a Truvativ crank box and was quite impressed. Although the folding skills on that particular box weren't as top notch as the Shimano, the Truvativ was well designed.

Question for you shop guys or peeps that get a lot of parts. Who's got the best bike box origami out there?
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Robert Lang might be a good candidate to design the boxes. I went to a lecture by him. He literally has it down to a science...

Funny that the only reason I know of him is because he is an optical scientist.
I've got a pretty grasp of it from childhood. Folded these at work:

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Not a cycling biz but Oppo has their origami down really good.

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