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Who rode with me from Wisconsin a year or two back?

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I can't remember, and wanted to contact you...
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use the force Luke
LOL.... you guys are weirdos.
A little more specificity might help your search. Just saying.
I'm originally from Wisconsin, but I have no idea if we've ridden together.
Riding from Wisconsin... that's a long way on a SS...

I think his sig says something like "ss has 3 speeds, sit stand, and push"
umarth said:
Seems like he is avoiding you.
I would. Actually I don't think he logs in very often.. No biggie.
go through all your posts to find a reference, shouldn't take long.
Yeah, I remember that sig. I'm from WI and it isn't me. I'd never ride with you. :p
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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