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westin said:
Whether to save weight or be anti-theft, anyone regret having the bolt-ons for their non-race endeavors, and should have just plunked the cash for regular ol' quick releases?
Not really, i like mine to much, i am even considering putting them on my Roadie (have them on my SS/commuter for theft reasons, on my XC race dually for weight reasons, and want them on my roadie for weight reasons and also to make it easier when using the trainer).

Even if you don't like them, it's only $10 (atleast it was for me:) ).

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Had a couple of front quick release skewers belly up on me and used the bolt-on as a temporary fix till i could justify spending $$ on some Salsa or Hopes. Losing 5mm allen keys out the bed of my truck got old so I made an allen key holder for the bike rack and alls is good now.

I use Am classic hubs, the front hub has no bearing preload so disc rotors can move according to how tight the skewers are, i find i can mount the wheel much faster with the bolt-on skewers rather than hunting for that perfect tension.

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Love 'em. QRs have no place on a MTB as far as I'm concerned. Except for the Maxle... I love it, though I would prefer it was just a single allen bolt with the same fast-removal mechanism.

More security is a good thing. By "security" I mean the wheel falling off and getting injured (I don't lock my bike up on the street).
i don't race.

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