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Who makes the lightest 5" travel frame?

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........doing some research and can use all the help. Who makes a small frame (13.5"-15") w/ 5" rear travel? A lady-specific frame also qualifies. TIA.....
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The new Scott Genius carbon is under 5 pounds with shock, but I think it's a stupid gimicky bike. Also, it actually has 150mm travel.

I reckon Cannondale Scalpel carbon would be pretty light. It has 110mm (4.3in) travel and comes in 15.9". The Rize would be a light 5" travel frame but the smallest size is 17". Sorry, I guess I haven't helped.
.....i hear and i tend to always crash on rocks. 'never learned not to look where you don't want to go and with that said, carbon frames are out of my jurisdiction and financial clout...tnx....and BTW any information here might be helping someone else...
Ok. And I just realized the Scalpel has 100mm in the rear and 110 up front.
Titus FTM Full Tilt Moto XS

The new Titus FTM weighs in at 4.87 in extra small. 5" travel as well. But it doesn't look all macho like other 5+" bikes.

Made in USA but priced competitively with Taiwan imports.
And the 2009 Titus Motolite has similar geometry, but even less expensive right now (if you can find one in your size).

The FTM comes aluminum w/carbon seatstays, and in titanium and custom sizes if you insist on bumping into rocks. Repairs well and lifetime warranty on ti front.

Just reviewed in MBA and BIKE Magazine.[


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