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Who makes the drlr housing on Iron Horse?

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Who makes the cool derailleur housing on Iron Horse bikes?

I was at a local Performance store, and happened to have noticed the cool derailleur housings that were used on all the Iron Horse Hollowpoint & SGS bikes. I thought that those looked different from Jagwire's or Avid's FlakJacket, and the mechanic guy there couldn't tell me who makes those, either. He just said, "Oh, these're some OEM parts that we can't get."

Does anybody know who makes those derailleur housings?

Thanks for the info, in advance,
- PiroChu

I thought it was pretty cool how SGS has lots of cable-routing options along the stays/tubes (ie. rear brake cable can be put along the chainstay or seatstay), and it had fully housed derailleur, too.
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I'm going to guess Jagwire. Jag makes some Shimano housing. They make Avid Flak Jacket housing. Schwinn had some really sooper-cool braided housing back in 2000/2001 before the big sale, and that was made by Jagwire, too. Hmmm, I don't know.
The housing on highend Iron Horse Bikes is made by Alligator. Alligator is also a team sponsor of the Iron Horse/Mad Catz pro team. They do a lot of biz in the OEM auto and moto industry for cables, brake line, etc. Their housing can also sometimes be found under the Unex brand name.

-ska todd
With your keyword hints, I searched online & found their website - thanks.

With this small picture, it's a bit hard to tell whether or not this is the same one on Iron Horse bikes, but it kinda looks like it...(?) Anyway, I then searched online by its part# ("UN-HYPER011" or "Hyper Compressor"), but no good search results came out as to where I can buy one from. (Oh, well... No biggies...)

Thanks again,
- PiroChu
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