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Salsa, Surly, Warhawk

Salsas are available in lots of sizes from any LBS with a QBP account. Reasonably priced and long lasting.

Surlys (being a division of QBP) are also available from any LBS. Their rings are stainless steel and should last longer than anything else. Just installed a Surly 34x110 on my rig last night. Sure steel's heavier, but c'mon at 80g you're not going to notice the extra weight on the trail.

Warhawk makes ANY size, so if the size you need isn't available anywhere else (I've got a 35t Warhawk sitting around, in case I should ever need it) they will make it for you. For a price to be sure, but still a lot less than Boone's price!
1 - 7 of 7 Posts
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