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I've done a bunch of Google searches, and while there is a lot of info out there about Cannondale Coda and Cannondale Coda Expert hubs, I was wondering if anyone has a confident response to who builds the Cannondale Coda Expert front hubs. This would be an ISO front disc hub with cartridge bearings, not the proprietary 4 hole fron hub that mates with the Coda disc brakes. Here is a link to the item I'm speaking about:

The seller seems to think it's a Formula product. The only marking he could find was on the inside of the rubber dust cover that states "Italy". I've seen other posts that would ispeculate they might be made by DTSwiss or Hugi. For less than $20.00 shipped, It seems like a no brainer, but my curiousity as to who makes them is piqued.

Any thoughts or insights would be greatly appreciated.

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