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Who has demo'ed a K2 Apache 6.0 then bought something else?

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I'm curious... it's getting to be the time to trade in my 2001 K2 Razorback. I tend to be brand-loyal, and have heard sparce but great things about the Apache 6.0, especially at it's pricepoint. I'm curious about pros as well as cons. Anyone? Thanks in advance!
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Own Apache 6.0

I'm loving the new Apache 6.0. I've made a few component swaps and I had to go with flat bars, but the bike is very responsive and soaks up everything (mainly xc riding/racing here). The pro's is a long list; the biggest being climbing ability, smooth ride, holds a line great, good component selection, good geometry.
The con's is a short list. Until tonight, I'd say it's heavy if you want to race it. Mine is a size large and I've got it at 24.8 lbs with pedals. The ONE new thing I discovered tonight was a little bit of brake-jacking on a very fast, screwed-up descent with some heavy breaking (by screwed-up I mean a heavy storm messed the trail up with wash-outs, downed trees (6"-12" diameter that you just had to time and clear because I couldn't scrub speed fast enough) and debris everywhere). The feeling of kickback on the pedals was a new thing from the Apache that I had never felt before (and didn't the rest of the ride). The suspension was working doubletime! But, this was one hell of a descent that I didn't scope-out beforehand, and after getting down it, I probably shouldn't have taken it in the first place. If I was on a hardtail, I don't think I'd be here right now (seriously). So, I guess I found the suspension's limits. ;)
I wouldn't hesitate to get one if I were you!
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For three Years I've been demoing various new bikes (Long time Razorback rider)--Finally this spring I threw my spindly legs over an Apache 6.0 and was blown away--it was exactly the bike I was looking for-Fast, sure-footed, pleasing to look at, simple-yet effective design. I ride any and all manner of xc (from smooth to just shy of freeriding)-It's perfect. Really.
I live in a very hilly-rugged climbing area and I've stopped using the granny gear all together. I spent a three day weekend up at Kingdom Trails nad I'd have to say that those trails and the Apache were a match made in heaven.

What I really like about this bike vs. the number of multi-virtual-imaginary link 4 inch and 5 inch travel designs I've sample is just how fun and snappy it feels. I just don't ggo for the sit and spin muted feedback ride of those other designs (though-I get their purpose and advantages). I like to stand and hammer, I like suspension loaded bunny hopping, I love throw your head-back acceleration. I like simplicity and fun. I like the Apache 6.0.

I swapped out the rear shock for a Cane Creek Cloud 9 (just because) and the tires for schwalbe Alberts (personal preference-the Nevegals are great tires too that come on it).

The part spec is dead-on-from the x9/xo drivetrain, to the am-classic wheels--I've even come to love the R7.

And Now-Here's some photos:


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Thanks guys! I've posted here and at It seems that all of the few people who demo'ed the Apache ended up buying it! Now I just need the $2500....
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