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who experienced brake fade?

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i would like to hear about who experienced brake fade. what brakes you were using and what size rotors you where running? what did you upgrade to?
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The only time I have experienced brake fade is in the Whislter Bike Park coming down from the Garbonzo chair when the trail spits you out onto the access road for a distance. Lots of sustained braking to keep from going 100 miles per hour!.....

I switched from Avid Juicy 5's to Avid Codes and it helped. 8 inch rotors front/rear. The Codes are excellent on everything else that I ride though. Never experience any fading on any other north-shore trail, good modulation, and the ability to stop on a dime.
my 160mm bb7's overheated, turned blue, and smoked on a 3 mile downhill. 203mm rotor up front fixed it. im on 203mm stroker trails now. i like the 203 even for casual xc.

.. but at 196 im not a clyde anymore :D
1 - 3 of 3 Posts
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