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Glad to see a resort stay open for summer, downhillmike and cwilly(correct?) def kicked it some...i'll be in nyc/montreal in august and thanks to whiteface, i'm planning to ship my bikes out too...

after emailing Jay Rand almost 2-3 weeks ago, I finally got a response.

"Dear Sir:

Thank you for your interest and support for Mountain Biking at Whiteface Mountain. In response to your recent inquiry the Olympic Regional Development Authority/Whiteface Mountain is very pleased to announce that it has partnered with High Peaks Cyclery of Lake Placid to provide a lift serviced Mountain Bike operation on Saturdays and Sundays through the summer/fall season of 2005. Non-lift serviced trail access will be available daily.

The Cloudsplitter Gondola and an on mountain shuttle bus system will be used to transport Mt. Bikers from June 25 - October 9.

Rentals, lessons and activities such as fun filled obstacle courses will be offered.

As a reminder the ORDA Verizon Sports Complex will also be providing a seven-day per week Mt. Bike Operation.
Hope to see you at Whiteface for some Mountain Biking this season.

Thank you.

Jay Rand

General Manager

Whiteface Mountain


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just some more info

Today, 05:58 PM


So whats the chance of getting some real trails in there this year. Obviously Whiteface is a lot of fun and I love it there, But it's no Plattekill which to my logic Is just plain backwards. With all the face rock , granite, and that sweet loomie soil I would think it has the potential to rival whistler. Yet there it sits one of the most famous mountains in the country., fun in its own way, but still a tiny speck of its true potential. Im dumbfounded.

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Today, 06:31 PM


Well it is really hard for us to do become a great mountain because all we have backing us is a bike shop while those other mountains are privately owned. They liked the idea of building over stuff to protect from erosion which would be cool. We are authorized to make as Jay stated in his e-mail "A fun filled obstacle course" which we are accepting ideas for from the riders, It will be on the little trail that comes right to the gondola. I was actually thinking of a dual slalom course and then wooden stunts on the side if we can.

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Today, 07:02 PM


we will only be allowed to maintain existing trails.

being in the adirondack park there are very strict rules for cutting down any trees or making new trails.

with the skiing i've heard over the years that they can't cut any new trails,especially at whiteface.
and then,they get approved in a couple of years.
so,nothing new this year with trails,but if we do have the year it looks like we'll have, it can only get better.

i would love to see the north shore style stuff here.and i think we will,but it will take another season or two.

as far as the skills course.
our budget this year is small,but i plan on having basic stunts at the base area for opening day,and would like to build on that and make it better throughout the season.i will need all of our riders input and possibly volunteers.this part is very new to me and i will let my younger staff build what they want, and what we hear from you and our customers.anything that's within our budget,manpower and approval of whiteface mountain will be done.i will be in constant contact with the whiteface crew, and ideas will be put into action asap.

i really want to do the things everyone wants,and a succesfull year will help.
if orda see's the people this year,i can see them step up and really market the mountain biking.if you've seen their commercials and world class events orda stages i think you would see the same vision i have.

downhill mike
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