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Kind of reminded me of the 80's but without feeling all grumpy the next day.

On a last minute whim thurs. nite turned out to be quite a surprise. I was told some friends were going so off I went. I couldn't get in touch with them on the way but decided that if I was dressed and loaded I would ride anyway. I figured the freeride bike wouldn't hurt with its big square knobs. One didn't show and I missed the other so I went and followed the tracks. The snow is light and traction was ok, but it was more about being out there and that feeling you get for about 2 hours....

Even today (Sat.) was far beyond expectations. I would have never gone alone and if some friends didn't show I would have gladly gone back home, but once yer out there I couldn't have asked for a better January day in the snow. (Thanks Phat and Marius for being there.) I'll have to remember the feeling so I'll be just as motivated to go alone. I may have even lowered my lower limit for acceptable temps. a few degrees.

There is something about riding in the snow that's great!
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