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Guess what boys and girls (do we have any girls out there???), a new master plan has been formed for white per the new trail head sign. Good and bad news. Here's what it said basically:

1. New trail to be built from Belcher to Longhorn
2. Lower Mustang to be shut permanently in the fall.
3. Major reroute on Upper Mustang to take multiple seasons. quote "The technical sections will remain technical"

My comments:
1.More trail, always good. It's already being built as we speak, starting at the upper junction of the old (double track) and the new (single) belcher trails, and going to one of the lower points of long horn. Horses have their place and no bad intent meant, but I hope it's less used by the horses. So far it looked to be very mellow, but it will hook into a techy section on long horn which probably isn't horse friendly.
2. It'll be a sad day when closed, so ride it while you can. Supposedly being closed due to in unmaintablitity (that a word?)...I do have agree unforunately...that section of trail is eroding fast.
3.Cheers for JCOS for the plans to make it more sustainable w/o sanitizing it.

Overall I love having a gov't agency like JCOS so close. I went back to my hometown of Fairfield,Ca and they literally have 1 area to ride near town. The concept of openspace just doesn't exist for them.

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I was just thinking (yes a rarity indeed) that i haven't been to white ranch in over a year. I just wish mustang had a little more flow (or maybe i need to be smoother), though i don't really know how that would be acomplished.

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Yeah and nay...

Glad to hear that they're keeping Upper Mustang technical, but I wish that they'd just leave Lower Mustang, maybe with a smoother option to bypass the eroded section. That lower part's a hoot!

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yeah, I'm going to miss lower mustang, too

once or twice a week after work I do a quick loop up belcher to the bench, then down lower Mustang and back to the parking lot. Takes about 50min, and it's the quickest ride between home and work for me. It'll be nice to have the new trail, though. Should be able to do a short loop going down longhorn and taking the new trail back to belcher. I've only ridden the lower section of Longhorn maybe 4 times, because the climb back out of there is a mutha going either direction, especially when it's hot. It'll be nice to have a bail out trail at the bottom.
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