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I haven't seen anything about this so I thought I'd post what I know.
This will be the first race ever at White Pine. Only 4 hours from SLC. Ron has worked hard to make this a great race and White Pine really stepped it up. They will have breakfast, lunch and dinner in there fancy lodge (has a bar too) and there food is fantstic at a good price. The chef said he was tring to get sushi in for the race. There will be a barbeque on saturday night and the local brew pub will be there. There is a nice big lawn area to chill and watch the finish. There will be camping on site and there is a few options for lodging in Pinedale, 15 min drive. They have cabins but they're sold out.
There are 7 trails and all of them are really fun. It's a DH, natural terrain resort but there aren't many jumps or built things, a few though. Everyone that has ridden there has a blast, we try to ride there every weekend that we aren't out of town.
Go if you can, it's a really fun, chill location with lots of good riding. See you all there!


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