Most cleaning products turn your matte finish glossy, but White Lightning's new Matte Finisher keeps your bike looking sinister.

Video: New White Lightning Bamboo Cycle Wipes, Matte Finisher, and the Trigger

White Lightning Marketing Manager Derek Goltz demonstrates the new Matte Finisher, Bamboo Cycle Wipes, and their Trigger chain cleaner.

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Matte finish paint jobs are in, but until now, there wasn't a great cleaning product available. White Lightning's new Matte Finisher is a water less cleaning product that leaves matte products looking matte - not shiny.

Also new from White Lightening is their Bamboo Cycle Wipes, which as the name implies, are made from bamboo. The material is super strong, but still very soft, which makes it versatile enough to clean your bike or hands. The wipes are available in individual packages or shop size and is biodegradable in 28 days.

They've also introduced a new chain cleaner mechanism called the Trigger that attaches to a bottle of Clean Streak. The device clamps over the chain and allows you to degrease your chain one handed in under 30 seconds.

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